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This page lists upcoming online events (webinars) organized by DCFG and other organizations.

Upcoming Online Events (Webinars)

    • 23 Oct 2023
    • 31 Dec 2023
    • Online

    Brain Pulse Online Facilitator Training: Tools for a healthy brain through rhythm and movement

    Learn about a healthy brain through rhythm! BrainPulse is a 9-week program for schools and young people, using the drum circle as a metaphor to discover the brain and its functions: and how to take care of it. 

    BRAIN PULSE ~ Online Course

    Brain Pulse is a drumming program that teaches kids about the brain and body ensemble and mental health experientially through music and drum circles!

    BRAIN PULSE uses the drum circle as a metaphor to discover the brain and its functions: a whole made up of interconnected, specialized parts. Participants will come away with tools to deliver a multi-session program covering topics such as: the brain as an ensemble; neural networks, neuroplasticity, the complementary roles of the "upstairs" and "downstairs" brain; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; and the brain-body connection. Students will deepen their understanding of how the brain works, and how to make healthy choices for a lifetime of flourishing brain health!

    BRAIN PULSE is designed as an online resource and teaching portal where participants follow a sequenced syllabus which they can complete at their own pace. The different sessions will include videos, lesson plans, activities, resource materials, trivia, virtual support, networking, and more. As time progresses, we will be adding additional sessions to the portal to continue to enhance the learning experience.


    Access to the online BRAIN PULSE Portal, and your Personal Portal Page, so you can learn on your own time, at your own pace.
    • A series of BRAIN PULSE Sessions, where you will learn to deliver a multi-session rhythm and brain-health program for schools and young people
    • Performance ensemble, games & discussions that teach about the brain, using drum circles as a metaphor
    • Real-world course videos as demonstrations
    • Access to our online discussions & content
    • Drum Circle Facilitators
    • Music Educators
    • Youth & Community Leaders
    • Music Therapists

    All of this emerges through a series of specially adapted rhythm games and beautifully crafted musical development pieces, from three of the world's expert music educators. Gain new ideas, refresh your practice and open up new musical, business, and neurological possibilities!

    Hosts: Dr. Jane BentleyMary Knysh & Lucas Coffey

    BRAIN PULSE Online Course
    • Regular Price - $495 USD (as of Feb 28, 2023)

    For Details, pricing and registration visit: http://music4wellness.com/marketplace.html#!/Brain-Pulse-Facilitator-Training/p/513715177

    For more information contact rhythmalberta@gmail.com

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