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About DCFG

The Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG) is membership association dedicated to professionalism in the field of drum circle facilitation.  We are incorporated in the U.S. state of Maryland as a 501(c)(6).  

Mission Statement

DCFG's mission is to build a global professional community of Drum Circle Facilitators where they are supported, connected, and represented.


Our vision is to empower people and communities through rhythm.

Code of Ethics

DCFG members abide by the following Code of Ethics:
  • Work with an attitude of service, joy and encouragement
  • Endeavor to empower the community through drum circles to achieve greater personal potential, shared joy and interdependency
  • Donate / Tithe time, money, and / or professional services to community charities, groups and organizations
  • Strive to increase personal knowledge base concerning drums, their cultural history and potential for promoting wellness, and to share that knowledge with others


DCFG is comprised of non-voting members led by a Board of Directors who hold fiscal and organizational responsibility for the association.  Board members also chair committees around special topics like conferences, scholarships, grants, membership, etc.  We have an honorary Board of Advisors.



DCFG has several tiers of membership based on levels of competency.  These are Associate, Professional, and Accredited.  Additionally, Lifetime members are those who've been continually active for fifteen years.

Membership Benefits

DCFG member benefits include:
  • Educational resources (Website and Newsletter)
  • Marketing materials (Professional web page and brochures)
  • Discounts (Professional Training and Equipment)


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