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Upcoming Events

    • 23 Jun 2023
    • 25 Jun 2023
    • Santa Clarita / Los Angeles, USA

    Who is this training for?
    Absolutely anyone working with groups to create an enhanced sense of connection and well-being, mutual support and community.
    Beginners will have lots of instruction and hands-on opportunities to learn. Advanced facilitators will have the opportunity to play at the edge of their experience.


    -What will you learn?
    You will develop fundamental, flexible tools and techniques to empower groups of every description through the VMC training protocol developed for over 30 years of training in more than 35 countries.


    -Where can I use these new skills?
    Your new skills can be used with groups of all kinds; early childhood, youth at risk, recovery populations, corporate communities, etc., and used for a wide variety of outcomes; celebration, stress relief, team building, curriculum integration and many, many more.


    -Who will deliver the training?
    This training will lead by VMC Certified Trainers, Alan Bruni and John Fitzgerald. John and Alan have facilitated a wide range of populations and have designed programs for everyone from corporate teams to challenged teens. More about the VMC Global Trainer team here: https://www.villagemusiccirclesglobal.com/


    Schedule Outline (final schedule to be emailed to participant)

    Friday Jan 28 – 3 pm registration – 3:30 pm Sessions begin – Dinner 6 pm – Sessions – 9 pm Sessions close

    Saturday Jan 29 – 8:00 am arrival – 8:30 am Sessions – 12:00 pm lunch – 1:00 pm Sessions – 5:30 pm Dinner – 9 pm Session Close

    Sunday Jan 30 – 9:00 am arrival – 9:15 am Sessions – 1:45 lunch – 2:30 planning set up for community drum circle – 3:30 to 5:30 pm community drum circle – clean up – 6:30 possible group dinner.


    Contact us:

    Alan : 213-505-6603  alan.bruni@gmail.com

    John : 661-510-7065  john@johnfitzgeraldcoaching.com


    Cancellations and Refund Policy

    Full refunds will be offered up to one week before the training, June 16th.

    For more information / to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/village-music-circle-3-day-fundamental-drum-circle-skills-training-registration-525251761157

    • 01 Jul 2023
    • 31 Dec 2023
    • Online

    Brain Pulse Online Facilitator Training: Tools for a healthy brain through rhythm and movement

    Learn about a healthy brain through rhythm! BrainPulse is a 9-week program for schools and young people, using the drum circle as a metaphor to discover the brain and its functions: and how to take care of it. 

    BRAIN PULSE ~ Online Course

    Brain Pulse is a drumming program that teaches kids about the brain and body ensemble and mental health experientially through music and drum circles!

    BRAIN PULSE uses the drum circle as a metaphor to discover the brain and its functions: a whole made up of interconnected, specialized parts. Participants will come away with tools to deliver a multi-session program covering topics such as: the brain as an ensemble; neural networks, neuroplasticity, the complementary roles of the "upstairs" and "downstairs" brain; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; and the brain-body connection. Students will deepen their understanding of how the brain works, and how to make healthy choices for a lifetime of flourishing brain health!

    BRAIN PULSE is designed as an online resource and teaching portal where participants follow a sequenced syllabus which they can complete at their own pace. The different sessions will include videos, lesson plans, activities, resource materials, trivia, virtual support, networking, and more. As time progresses, we will be adding additional sessions to the portal to continue to enhance the learning experience.


    Access to the online BRAIN PULSE Portal, and your Personal Portal Page, so you can learn on your own time, at your own pace.
    • A series of BRAIN PULSE Sessions, where you will learn to deliver a multi-session rhythm and brain-health program for schools and young people
    • Performance ensemble, games & discussions that teach about the brain, using drum circles as a metaphor
    • Real-world course videos as demonstrations
    • Access to our online discussions & content
    • Drum Circle Facilitators
    • Music Educators
    • Youth & Community Leaders
    • Music Therapists

    All of this emerges through a series of specially adapted rhythm games and beautifully crafted musical development pieces, from three of the world's expert music educators. Gain new ideas, refresh your practice and open up new musical, business, and neurological possibilities!

    Hosts: Dr. Jane BentleyMary Knysh & Lucas Coffey

    BRAIN PULSE Online Course
    • Regular Price - $495 USD (as of Feb 28, 2023)

    For Details, pricing and registration visit: http://music4wellness.com/marketplace.html#!/Brain-Pulse-Facilitator-Training/p/513715177

    For more information contact rhythmalberta@gmail.com

    • 09 Jul 2023
    • 14 Jul 2023
    • Tuscany, Italy

    For the second time in Italy with the 6 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Intensive Training, Arthur Hull himself will teach you the Village Music Circles facilitation method he created with the mastery and wisdom of more than 40 years of experience and more than 13,000 licensed Facilitators worldwide!

    Arthur, pioneer of rhythm facilitation, and Harshil F. Chiostri, VMC Certified Trainer for Italy, will offer you more than 50 hours of learning activities in which to experience intensive practice of all the facilitation techniques that will allow you to acquire the necessary skillsto fully integrate the career of Drum Circle Facilitator into your life.

    The 6-day intensive training for Village Music Circles ™ facilitators offers beginner and advanced facilitators all the keys to conducting events With groups of all sizes and backgrounds, giving wide opportunities to learn and develop their facilitation skills in a safe and welcoming environment.
    Participants at any skill level will receive support from peers as well as mentors and advanced facilitators.

    This week goes beyond the training you receive in the 3 Day Training, with the presentation of more techniques, the development of your own style, a greater depth of learning and a wider amount of hands-on experience.

    Participants will experiment with numerous keys using movement, voice, drums, percussion and improvised rhythmic games to learn how to unleash rhythmic connection, interactive dialogue, melodies and harmonies in any group of people, in the magic of the circle.

    The program includes group instruction and discussion combined with small-group break-out exercises that reinforce learning of basic facilitation elements, always in a fun and empowering way for each.

    The exercises become progressively more complex as the facilitators’ skills expand, and meanwhile we share rhythm, joy and lots of friendship.

    There will be time devoted to individual attention and the development of one’s individual skills.

    The Intensive includes ample opportunities to experiment freely during numerous “jump-times!” in which to experience many hours of fun learning, practicing and exploring your new skills in an exclusive supportive environment.

    This Training will be offered in English and translated into Italian for the parts conducted by Arthur Hull and vice versa for those conducted by Harshil F.Chiostri.

    For more information / to register: click here

    • 14 Jul 2023
    • 16 Jul 2023
    • Harmony, Pennsylvania

    Music is medicine for our times. Learn the tools and techniques to confidently facilitate drum circles and share the power and joy of group music-making with others.

    This Village Music Circles™ Basic Facilitator Playshop is a three-day training that will empower you to build a rhythm community while exploring the foundational elements of drum circle facilitation. It is also loads of FUN!

    Learn powerful facilitation techniques and develop skills while gaining the confidence to successfully lead rhythm events for a variety of diverse populations.

    Packed with information and hands-on experience, both beginning and experienced facilitators will have plenty of opportunities for practicing new skills in a safe, supportive environment. No musical experience is required to participate.


    During your three days with trainer Mike Deaton, you can expect to:

    • explore hand drums and percussion from around the world.
    • experience the joy of group improvisation.
    • understand the family-friendly community drum circle format.
    • learn how to keep the music interesting and engaging.
    • practice fun techniques you can use from the center or side of the circle
    • explore practices for better listening and better learning.
    • learn how to “teach without teaching” using the Village Music Circles protocol.
    • spend time with other playful and empowering humans.
    • build community and facilitate human potential through rhythm.
    • further develop your own techniques for self-critique.
    • become better able to meet the needs of your target populations.
    • learn to apply these skills to other settings and populations.
    • return to your community, school, etc., with a wealth of new ideas.


    What does this program entail?

    In 20+ hours of training, participants will have extensive practice opportunities in the facilitation techniques and the skills needed to lead a drum circle event for a variety of populations.

    The playshop will include a mix of different teaching styles, where group instruction and discussions combine with large and small group activities that use movement, voice, musical instruments, and improvisational rhythm games. Gentle critique and feedback are an important part of the learning process to help you improve.

    In addition to the instruction and hands-on practice time, opportunities for networking with other facilitators of many cultures, backgrounds, and experience levels provide stimulation and inspiration to developing facilitators.

    The Basic Facilitators’ Playshop is a high-powered, dynamic experience, full of joyful music making and opportunities for creative PLAY.

    Required Reading: Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm, by Arthur Hull


    Who is this training for?

    • Group facilitators of all kinds
    • Music therapists & music teachers
    • Counselors, social workers & therapists
    • Musicians & drummers
    • Community & youth activities organizers
    • School teachers
    • Wellness & life coaches
    • Community groups & families
    • Healthcare professionals
    • Corporate trainers
    • Ministers & spiritual leaders
    • Anyone seeking inspiration & new skills!

    Who will be leading this training?

    Village Music Circles Certified Global Trainer Mike Deaton, a professional Drum Circle Facilitator steeped in the Village Music Circles protocol for over 20 years. Mike’s fun-loving nature and gentle training style help create a safer space for learning, no matter what your skill level and experience.

    Working alone and with others in the field, including Arthur Hull, Jim Donovan, Mary Knysh, and others, Mike has been a teacher or co-trainer at over 50 weekend events and countless standalone workshops. He has dedicated his life to building community and using musical tools and expressive arts to empower others to create their own positive transformations.


    For more information / to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drum-circle-facilitator-playshop-with-mike-deaton-3-day-training-tickets-598462516497 

    or email mdeatonarts@gmail.com

    • 28 Jul 2023
    • 30 Jul 2023
    • Seattle, Washington, USA

    Learn the tools & techniques to facilitate drum circles, bring any group to its highest potential, and make the world a more musical place!

    Seattle in Summer is a beautiful place. Learning to facilitate drum circles is a beautiful thing. If you want more beauty in your life, come to Seattle July 28, 29 & 30th for a VMC Drum Circle Facilitator’s 3 Day Playshop with John Hayden & Jim Boneau.

    $395/Save $50 by April 1st/Returning Graduates $300   Register

    Learn powerful facilitation techniques and develop skills while gaining the confidence to successfully lead a rhythm event for a variety of diverse populations.

    Packed with information and hands-on experience, both beginning and experienced facilitators will have plenty of opportunities for practicing new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

      • Are you a recent graduate of an in person or online VMC Training? You may be eligible for a $95 discount! Contact JamtownLive@gmail.com to discuss.
      • A limited number of partial scholarships are available for those with financial need. Contact JamtownLive@gmail.com for more info.

    For more information / to register: https://jamtownlive.com/products/drum-circle-facilitation-3-day-playshop

    • 03 Aug 2023
    • 06 Aug 2023
    • Sherman, NY

    The Great Rhythm Revival is for anyone looking for a profoundly joyful and deeply immersive experience where you can:

    • Learn something new without the worry of being “good” at it
    • Connect with other like-minded people in a supportive environment
    • Challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone
    • Find regular encouragement to be yourself

    At the Revival, you will experience a wide range of invigorating workshops including: Drum & Chant, Creative Movement, Nature Journaling, West African drumming, Ecstatic Dance, World Drumming, Yoga, Afro-Cuban Drumming, Sound Healing, Transformative Writing, and much more.

    In the evenings, dance to The Sun King Warriors and afterwards, take a walk in the adjoining woods to an expertly sculptured drum and dance fire circle that has to be seen to be believed.

    Lastly, we eat some of the tastiest and healthy food around-vegetarian, vegan and omnivore options are always available. Much of it grown on site in our Revival garden. Camping is free or you may stay at a local hotel or B&B. Though the event is outside, we are under the cover of large tents. 

    You get...

    • Over 29 hours of meticulously designed and enjoyable experiences
    • Revitalizing, lifelong skill sets help you feel your best
    • Opportunities to learn from an array of gifted instructors
    • Membership in our private Great Rhythm Revival network
    • A comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself 
    • First access to discounted seats at next year's Revival

    For more information / to register : click here

    • 11 Aug 2023
    • (MDT)
    • 13 Aug 2023
    • (MDT)
    • Alberta, Canada

    Village Music Circles™ Basic Facilitator Training will empower you to build a rhythm community while exploring the foundational elements of drum circle facilitation.

    Learn facilitation techniques and develop skills while gaining the confidence and knowledge to successfully lead a rhythm event. Packed with information and hands-on experience, both beginning and experienced facilitators will have plenty of opportunities for practicing new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

    What does the program entail?

    In 20+ hours of training, participants will have opportunities to practice facilitation techniques and skills needed to lead a drum circle event for a variety of populations.

    This Playshop will include a mixture of teaching styles; incorporating instruction with discussions, small group and large group activities, and hands on learning – all while utilizing movement, voice, musical instruments, and rhythm games. Instructor will provide feedback in the group and privately as this is an important part of the learning process. Along with the hands on learning you’ll experience, there will be many opportunities for networking with other facilitators of many cultures, backgrounds, professions, and experience levels.

    Early Bird Registration Rate – ends June 1st: $350 ($325 with Discount)

    Regular Registration Rate – ends August 1st: $400 ($375 with Discount)

    For more information / to register: https://www.rhythmrhythmrhythm.com/vmc-3-day-drum-circle-facilitators-training/

    • 13 Oct 2023
    • 15 Oct 2023
    • Marti, Italy

    Drum Circle Spirit, con il supporto di Aramini Strumenti Musicali e Artedo Bologna e Modena, ti offre in esclusiva Il
    VMC Basic 3-Day Drum Circle Facilitator Training di Village Music Circles, presso Podere Amarti (Pi).

    ✅ Questo Training è stato finemente sviluppato da Arthur Hull in più di 40 anni di esperienza, ed è accreditato al MIUR, Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, con Artedo Bologna e Modena, con il codice 23700

    ❗️Questo Training di Formazione è erogabile e raggiungibile anche in caso di zona rossa o arancione, secondo le norme vigenti.

    ✅ Arthur Hull è riconosciuto a livello mondiale come il pioniere della facilitazione del Drum Circle, ed ha formato più di 13.000 facilitatori.

    Adesso, tramite Harshil Filippo Chiostri, uno dei suoi 33 Trainer Internazionali,
    hai anche tu la possibilità di imparare l’Arte di facilitare il Drum Circle!

      Questo Training ti mette nelle condizioni di condurre un evento ritmico di successo, fin da subito.

    ✅ Ti fornisce gli strumenti, le tecniche ed i concetti, il “cosa, quando e perché” di come facilitare il Drum Circle.

    ✅ Ti consente di accompagnare un gruppo di persone in una esperienza di continua evoluzione di dialogo interattivo, melodie ed armonie.

    ✅ Ti permette di stimolare i partecipanti ad andare oltre i propri limiti, e di passare dalla coscienza individuale a quella di gruppo, muovendosi poi a quella di ensemble per infine culminare in quella di orchestra, nel breve arco di un’ora e mezza circa, portandoli ad un grado di soddisfazione inimmaginabile con altre tecniche.

    ✅ Ti permette di aiutare i partecipanti ad attraversare con successo tutte le fasi di formazione di un Team efficace, affiatato e coeso.

    ✅ Tutto questo al di là delle loro competenze musicali.

      Un vero passepartout tramite il quale scatenare la creatività individuale e collettiva, rafforzando la tua comunità, rivolto a tutti i tipi di popolazione.

      Harshil Filippo Chiostri è il primo ed unico insegnante abilitato in Italia a trasmettere il metodo di facilitazione di Village Music Circles, sviluppato da Arthur Hull, pioniere della facilitazione del potenziale umano tramite il ritmo, riconosciuto in tutto il mondo per l’eccellente standard di qualità ed efficacia.
    Assieme al diploma di partecipazione, che ti renderà Drum Circle Facilitator a tutti gli effetti, riceverai dunque gli insegnamenti del metodo di Arthur Hull al massimo della qualità disponibile in Italia.

     Il weekend è caratterizzato da:

      Training di base per Facilitatori di Drum Circle, di Village Music Circles (VMC)
      Facilitator’s Challenge per facilitatori già diplomati VMC
      Drum Circle facilitato, aperto a tutta la popolazione

      Il Training include:

      Drum Call/La “Chiamata dei Tamburi” • Stop Cuts/Segnali di Stop
    • Sculpting/Scolpire

      20 ore di training in aula, da venerdì a domenica pomeriggio, in un weekend stracolmo di didattica ed esercizi esperienziali di facilitazione
      + 5 ore di approfondimento via webinar.

    ✅ Progettato per dare ai partecipanti la confidenza, gli strumenti e l’ispirazione necessarie a facilitare un Drum Circle/evento ritmico adatto alla più ampia varietà di persone e tipologia di gruppo, per aiutarti a costruire e rafforzare la tua comunità ritmica.

    Il programma del corso includerà didattica d’insieme ed esercizi in piccoli gruppi per sperimentare gli apprendimenti degli elementi di facilitazione via via presentati.

    Gli esercizi saranno insegnati sequenzialmente, usando movimento, voce , strumenti musicali e giochi ritmici improvvisati, in modo da semplice a più complesso, via via che le abilità dei facilitatori migliorano progressivamente.

    ✅ I partecipanti al Basic VMC Facilitator Training:

    • Impareranno tecniche ritmiche, giochi e attività per motivare gruppi di persone

    • Svilupperanno le competenze di facilitazione necessarie a condurre eventi ritmici

    • Riceveranno un feedback immediato riguardo gli apprendimenti in corso

    • Svilupperanno una specifica tecnica di valutazione (Critique Technique) tale da migliorare progressivamente le proprie competenze

    • Esploreranno tecniche e stili di facilitazione personalizzati

    • Scopriranno come evitare gli errori più comuni di un facilitatore principiante

    • Comprenderanno come applicare le competenze apprese ai diversi tipi di popolazione

    ✅ Gli obiettivi di apprendimento saranno raggiunti tramite lo sviluppo di:

    • Abilità ritmiche basate su principi universali del suonare percussioni

    • Esperienze con una molteplicità di stili, forme e strumenti musicali

    • Attività strutturate per imparare la facilitazione tramite tonalità diverse, individuazione delle timbriche, variazioni nel tempo e diverse tecniche di orchestrazione

    • Improvvisazione usando musica attraverso corpo, voce e attività di gruppo

    • Costruzione e rafforzamento della comunità tramite il ritmo

    ❗️ E’ richiesta la visione del video “The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation”, dal sito di Village Music Circles: www.drumcircle.com

    For more information / to register: info@drumcirclespirit.it

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