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Upcoming Events

    • 22 Feb 2023
    • 04 Mar 2023

    The Mentor Experience is for advanced Facilitators ready to learn by leading. This 10-day leadership training is designed to strengthen Leadership and Facilitation skills by mentoring others through the week-long training process.

    A major focus of the Mentor Experience is the leadership training which begins with a 3-day Leadership Forum. Mentors will experience process oriented activities designed to develop group process skills, communication strategies and leadership techniques. Building a cohesive mentor team provides the first step toward building our rhythm community during the 6-day Facilitator Intensive Trainings.

    The Mentor Experience reinforces community service values while developing breadth and depth in facilitation practice. Both challenging and rewarding, advanced Facilitators will stretch the boundaries of their DCF practice, leadership and community building skills.  

    The Mentor Experience integrates expanded theory and advanced Drum Circle Facilitation practice as Mentors turn their practical skills into leadership experience.

    Beginning with a Mentors-only weekend retreat, we bring our leadership community together.

    With Trainer oversight, Mentors will be assigned a small group of Facilitators to mentor through the Facilitators’ Intensive Training.

    Mentors will be instructed in specific process facilitation techniques that are essential to problem solving, communication and community building. Mentor meetings will take place to help process and facilitate the leadership experience.

    Throughout the week, mentors will continue strengthening and enhancing their own DCF techniques, as they guide others through the learning process. Mentors receive critique and evaluation from senior Facilitators while receiving feedback from their mentor and peer groups.

    Mentors will have plenty of time to practice and develop their own facilitation skills during small group practice and community “Jump-Time!”

    Networking with other community leaders and professional Drum Circle Facilitators offers Mentors an inspiring and stimulating environment for skills development.

    Learning Objectives

    • Experience powerful process-communication skills
    • Learn motivational mentoring techniques
    • Enhance your professional Drum Circle Facilitation skills
    • Become an effective community leader


    • Must have graduated from the Basic Facilitator Intensive
    • Must be actively facilitating community rhythm events
    • Will be ready to develop advanced facilitation skills
    • Will be capable of small group leadership
    • Enrollment is subject to selection by senior VMC facilitators

    Fees: 1,100$ (includes fees and meals, excludes room)

    For more information / to register: https://villagemusiccircles.com/calendar/usa-canada-trainings/

    • 24 Feb 2023
    • 12:00 PM
    • 26 Feb 2023
    • 4:00 PM
    • Ocean Creek Resort, 10600 North Kings Way, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 USA


    February 24-26, 2023
    Center, Pulse, GROOVE!

    A weekend-long professional development event specifically for those using drums and percussion for recreational music making. The symposium-style gathering features presentations by industry leaders on a wide variety of topics including techniques for leading drum circles, business development, folkloric music, program design, and more.  In attendance are full-time drum circle facilitators as well as many people using this work in other settings:  creative arts and music therapists, social workers and counselors, wellness practitioners, community organizers, music educators, spiritual leaders, event specialists, etc.

    The conference is an opportunity to learn from each other and be together in community. Expect full days of presentations that engage your mind and heart that lead to evenings opportunities for jump time (practicing facilitation techniques) and Late Night jam sessions. Expect much music making. 

    The 2023 theme is Center, Pulse, GROOVE! The theme initially stems from conversations with, and about how, Drum Circle Facilitators responded to the Pandemic that left very little time for reflection and inner growth.  As we find our way forward in this new normal, for both ourselves and those we serve, returning to the basics of Center, Pulse, GROOVE! is necessary for moving forward. There are many ways this theme can be interpreted and applied to Drum Circle Facilitators.

    We have a fabulous group of speakers for this year's conference. Mary Knysh is our keynote with an amazing group presenting throughout the weekend. Checkout the speaker page for presentation details.

    ~~Pre-Conference Workshops FREE on Friday morning, February 24th ~~

    In additional to the full conference speaker line up DCFG is offering FREE workshops on Friday, Morning February 24th. These workshops are free and require registration. Make a selection during registration.



    Where: Ocean Creek Resort, 10600 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 (www.oceancreek.com)


    The Registration fee includes conference admission and 7 meals from Friday lunch through Sunday lunch.  Travel and lodging are the responsibility of the attendee. 

    New this Year - We are excited to move towards more global equity in our registration fees so we are presenting the option to pay a registration fee based on your country of residence using 4 Country Tier groups.  The registration fees are listed below and all in USD. (For a PDF of the image below click here.) 

    • Tier 1/General Registration: $425.00
    • Tier 1/DCFG Member Rate 10% Discount: $389 (you must be logged into your account to receive)
    • Tier 2 Countries: $289
    • Tier 3 Countries: $213
    • Tier 4 Countries: $77 


    The Drum Circle Facilitator's Guild provides scholarships to members that might not otherwise be able to attend. We believe in supporting each other and "facilitating" attendance when it might not otherwise be possible. Scholarship recipients receive free registration that includes conference admission and meals beginning with dinner on Friday to Sunday lunch a $425 value. Lodging and Transportation are the responsibility of the recipients. Are you interested in helping to provide more scholarships? Make a donation to DCFG specifically for conference scholarships. Contact Greg Whit, Executive Director about making a donation: contact@dcfg.net.

    Scholarship Form


    Interested in showing off your wares and connecting with an amazing group of DCF's? Why not be a Vendor. Check out our Vendor information page for more information.

    Vendor Information Page


    The conference will be held at Ocean Creek Resort, a beautiful waterfront property in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.  Myrtle Beach is served by several major airlines including: Allegiant, American, Delta and United. Visit the Myrtle Beach International Airport website for the most recent list. 

    Transportation to and from the airport will be the responsibility of each attendee. Ocean Creek Resort does not provide transportation.  If coming via cab or Uber/Lyft, have your cab wait until you are checked in. It is a large property with multiple buildings and the check-in location is a bit far from where you will actually be staying. 


    We have secured very favorable rates at Ocean Creek Resort and are committed to keeping participant costs low. Your conference registration fee includes conference admission and meals beginning with Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.  If staying at Ocean Creek Resort, which is highly recommended, make your room reservations directly with the resort.

    For more information about the resort, go to www.oceancreek.com. Here you can see the basic room layout for the room types below. The housing is in condos and not hotels so the décor will defer.

    Daily conference rates with fees and taxes (USD):

    Lodge Villa

    • Studio: $80.64
    • 1 Bedroom: $88.48
    • 2 Bedroom: $98.56

    Ocean Front: (only the master bedroom and living room will face the Ocean;  other bedrooms are on the rear of the building.)

    • 2 Bedroom: $135.52
    • 3 Bedroom: $160.16


    To make reservations you can call Ocean Creek resort and specify that you are with the drum circle group or book online at www.oceancreek.com using the GROUP code 530907. 

    A one-night deposit is charged on booking and this is non-refundable UNLESS you purchase the VIP protection plan for an additional $30 plus tax.  Ocean Creek charges a 2.5% convenience fee for credit cards used to pay the balance on lodging when you pay in person at the resort.

    Room rates are good for 3 days pre- and post- for longer stays if desired. If you are attending the VMC 6-day training the rate is good for the training.

    Check-in is 4pm and check out 11am.  Early check-in is possible based on room availability. PARTICIPANTS checking out on Sunday will need to bring their luggage to the conference center or make their own arrangements for late check out.


    Interested in showing off your wares and connecting with an amazing group of DCF's? Why not be a Vendor. Check out our Vendor Information page for more information. Vendor reservations are due by January 23, 2023.


    QUESTIONS? Contact Greg Whitt, Executive Director of the DCFG at dcfgdirector@gmail.com

    • 27 Feb 2023
    • 04 Mar 2023
    • Myrtle Beach, SC

    Village Music Circles™ 6-day Facilitators Intensive Training provides beginning and advanced Facilitators the skills needed to lead Rhythm-Based events for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. This week-long experience will immediately connect facilitators to a supportive international community while providing extensive opportunities to learn and develop facilitation skills in a safe environment. Participants of all levels will receive peer, mentor and advanced Facilitator support. This week goes beyond the weekend training with the presentation of more techniques, developing style, increasing depth, and extensive practical experience.

    Program Content

    During this week-long intensive VMC provides 50 hours of learning activities. Participants receive extensive practice in the facilitation techniques needed to lead a drum circle or rhythm event for a variety of populations and group sizes.

    The program format will include group instruction and discussions combined with small group break-out exercises that reinforce the learning of the foundational facilitation elements presented. Exercises are taught sequentially so as to become progressively more complex as the facilitators’ skills develop throughout the week.

    Participants experience multiple small group activities using movement, voice, musical instruments, and improvisational rhythm games.

    Peer group and mentor leaders offer critique and feedback, which are a important part of the learning process.  More time is given for individual attention, critiques, and skills building.

    Week-Long Intensive includes extensive opportunities to freely experiment during the exciting and challenging free-form community “jump-time!” – Jump-time offers many hours of learning fun, practicing and exploring new skills in a supportive environment.

    Week-Long Intensive provides opportunities for networking with international Facilitators of all experience levels and professional backgrounds.

    This 6-day Facilitators Intensive Training utilizes the Drum Circle Facilitation Techniques developed by Arthur Hull and is offered through the Hawaii Facilitators’ Playshop annually, as well as other locations around the world as available. 

    Fees: 750$ (inclusive of fees and meals, excluding accommodation)

    For more information / to register: https://villagemusiccircles.com/calendar/usa-canada-trainings/

    • 05 Mar 2023
    • Online

    Brain Pulse Online Facilitator Training: Tools for a healthy brain through rhythm and movement

    Learn about a healthy brain through rhythm! BrainPulse is a 9-week program for schools and young people, using the drum circle as a metaphor to discover the brain and its functions: and how to take care of it. 

    The program covers topics such as: the brain as ensemble; neural networks; neuroplasticity; the complementary roles of the ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ brain; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and the brain body connection. All aimed at deepening an understanding of how the brain works, and how to make healthy choices for a lifetime of flourishing brain health! 

    All of this emerges through a series of specially adapted rhythm games and beautifully crafted musical development pieces, from three of the world’s expert music educators. We will dive into the program content, deliver a sample session, and explore the benefits of music making and brain health.

    The Brain Pulse training is an online course that offers facilitators the tools to deliver this multi-session program for themselves. Course content is delivered through a virtual platform offering real-world videos of sessions in action, structured lesson plans and resources, and ongoing contact with the course instructors.

    Come refresh your practice and open up new musical, business, and neurological possibilities!

    Hosts: Dr. Jane BentleyMary Knysh & Lucas Coffey

    For Details, pricing and registration visit: http://music4wellness.com/marketplace.html#!/Brain-Pulse-Facilitator-Training/p/513715177

    Online training cost: $325USD

    Product Details

    Special Introductory Price (until Feb 27th, 2023): $325 USD

    Regular Price (after Feb. 27, 2023): $495 USD

    For more information contact rhythmalberta@gmail.com

    • 24 Mar 2023
    • 26 Mar 2023
    • Vallejo, CA

    3-Day Drum Circle Facilitator Playshop – Nor Cal/S.F. Bay Area
    with VMC Global Trainer, Jeni Swerdlow, MA-ATR

    Learn the tools & techniques to facilitate drum circles, bring any group to its highest potential, and make the world a more musical place!

    Village Music Circles™ Basic Facilitator Training (aka "Playshop") will empower you to build a rhythm community while exploring the foundational elements of drum circle facilitation.

    Learn powerful facilitation techniques and develop skills while gaining the confidence to successfully lead a rhythm event for a variety of diverse populations.

    Packed with information and hands-on experience, both beginning and experienced facilitators will have plenty of opportunities for practicing new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

    L earn to successfully facilitate rhythm-based events

    E xperience the power of community building through rhythm!

    A ctivate • Motivate • Empower! Rhythm for fun and learning

    D iscover camaraderie and spirit playing music together!

    For more information / to register: click here

    • 09 Jul 2023
    • 14 Jul 2023
    • Tuscany, Italy

    For the second time in Italy with the 6 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Intensive Training, Arthur Hull himself will teach you the Village Music Circles facilitation method he created with the mastery and wisdom of more than 40 years of experience and more than 13,000 licensed Facilitators worldwide!

    Arthur, pioneer of rhythm facilitation, and Harshil F. Chiostri, VMC Certified Trainer for Italy, will offer you more than 50 hours of learning activities in which to experience intensive practice of all the facilitation techniques that will allow you to acquire the necessary skillsto fully integrate the career of Drum Circle Facilitator into your life.

    The 6-day intensive training for Village Music Circles ™ facilitators offers beginner and advanced facilitators all the keys to conducting events With groups of all sizes and backgrounds, giving wide opportunities to learn and develop their facilitation skills in a safe and welcoming environment.
    Participants at any skill level will receive support from peers as well as mentors and advanced facilitators.

    This week goes beyond the training you receive in the 3 Day Training, with the presentation of more techniques, the development of your own style, a greater depth of learning and a wider amount of hands-on experience.

    Participants will experiment with numerous keys using movement, voice, drums, percussion and improvised rhythmic games to learn how to unleash rhythmic connection, interactive dialogue, melodies and harmonies in any group of people, in the magic of the circle.

    The program includes group instruction and discussion combined with small-group break-out exercises that reinforce learning of basic facilitation elements, always in a fun and empowering way for each.

    The exercises become progressively more complex as the facilitators’ skills expand, and meanwhile we share rhythm, joy and lots of friendship.

    There will be time devoted to individual attention and the development of one’s individual skills.

    The Intensive includes ample opportunities to experiment freely during numerous “jump-times!” in which to experience many hours of fun learning, practicing and exploring your new skills in an exclusive supportive environment.

    This Training will be offered in English and translated into Italian for the parts conducted by Arthur Hull and vice versa for those conducted by Harshil F.Chiostri.

    For more information / to register: click here

    • 03 Aug 2023
    • 06 Aug 2023
    • Sherman, NY

    The Great Rhythm Revival is for anyone looking for a profoundly joyful and deeply immersive experience where you can:

    • Learn something new without the worry of being “good” at it
    • Connect with other like-minded people in a supportive environment
    • Challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone
    • Find regular encouragement to be yourself

    At the Revival, you will experience a wide range of invigorating workshops including: Drum & Chant, Creative Movement, Nature Journaling, West African drumming, Ecstatic Dance, World Drumming, Yoga, Afro-Cuban Drumming, Sound Healing, Transformative Writing, and much more.

    In the evenings, dance to The Sun King Warriors and afterwards, take a walk in the adjoining woods to an expertly sculptured drum and dance fire circle that has to be seen to be believed.

    Lastly, we eat some of the tastiest and healthy food around-vegetarian, vegan and omnivore options are always available. Much of it grown on site in our Revival garden. Camping is free or you may stay at a local hotel or B&B. Though the event is outside, we are under the cover of large tents. 

    You get...

    • Over 29 hours of meticulously designed and enjoyable experiences
    • Revitalizing, lifelong skill sets help you feel your best
    • Opportunities to learn from an array of gifted instructors
    • Membership in our private Great Rhythm Revival network
    • A comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself 
    • First access to discounted seats at next year's Revival

    For more information / to register : click here

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