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Irene Feher

Music for People / Concordia University (Montreal) / Living Your Music


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Music for People / Concordia University (Montreal) / Living Your Music

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A proud member of Music for People's team of facilitators, Irene now hosts Music for People workshops and facilitator trainings in Montreal (Canada). A faculty member of Concordia University's Department of music, Irene received funding for her project "Live Your Music at Concordia: Weekly Music Health Breaks" where she uses the power of drumming and musicking to combat anxiety and feelings of isolation among students.

A member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), and ISME (International Society of Music Educators), Irene continues to fuel her passion for teaching singing and facilitating through her study of improvisation, and drum circle facilitation, and their application in vocal instruction, creative exploration, personal growth, and community work.

With 30 years of teaching experience, 35 years of performing experience, and a passion for the power of rhythm and song, Irene teaches adult musicians and singers of all ages and levels.

Read more about Irene at: www.livingyourmusic.com
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Mission Statement
My name is Irene Feher. I live to make music and to share my love of singing, drumming, and music making with others. I facilitate instrumental/ vocal improvisation gatherings and community drumming, and I teach singing.

My approach to facilitating grows out of years of experience as a performer, teacher, and mentorship from Mary Knysh and members of Music for People.

I believe that we are all born to make and share music with one another. Drumming and singing brings us energy, grounds us, and connects us in ways that no other activity can. I continue to be in awe at how we are able to transcend age, race, culture, and gender, and become one big joyful sound.
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Target Populations
I mostly work with older youth and adults.
Regular Drum Circles
"Live Your Music at Concordia"

"Drum Circle" Concordia Multi-Faith and Spirituality Center.

Music for People - Live Your Music in Montreal

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