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2024 Conference Presentations

Pre & Post Conference Activities

Pre-Conference Workshop

Wisdom of the Frame Drum and Ancestral Connection

Friday morning, March 1, 2024

9:00-1:00 pm

Andrew Ecker and Monica Patton of Drumming Sounds

Registration deadline February 15.

Cost: $175 DCFG member/$195 non-member

Join Andrew and Monica of Drumming Sounds for an inspirational workshop on ancestral connection and transformation. This experience will enrich your drum circle facilitation skills, offering the opportunity to learn frame drum building for groups or individuals in your community. Participants will craft their own 14-inch elk hide frame drum and stick. 


Post-Conference Workshop

Remo HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator Training

March 4 & 5, 2024

Earn your certificate as a HealthRHYTHMS trained facilitator and learn how to use the power of drumming to promote health and well-being. 

This is a separate registration and conference attendees receive $150 discount on the training. Once you are registered for conference the code is in your confirmation email.

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Post-conference Field Trip: 

Musical Instrument Museum MIM

Noon-5:00 pm 

The MIM has offered to provide a guided tour for Guild members from Noon to 5pm on Monday, March 4!

DCFG's annual conference wraps up Sunday evening and many folks will fly out of Phoenix on Monday.  If you're booking a late flight, consider an outing with other guild members to visit MiM.

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Keynote, Special Guest and Town Hall


Elisa Lucero: The Sacred Drum and SPIRITual connections

Connect with your ancestors using drum and song. The 4 Direction-Medicine Wheel ceremonies help us to remember that we are all related! Our relatives shared rhythms, songs and stories on a global level. Bring your traditional drums, rattles and sacred medicine. 

Elisa Lucero, TwoSpirit, carpenter, self taught drummaker, Sundancer, came to drum medicine over 30 years ago through the Lakota Sundance Ceremony and has been given permission by her Sundance elders to share songs with the people.  She has decades of experience sitting and participating in various indigenous ceremonies and community building circles. 

With the drum we tap into the pulse that runs through us all. As we tap into the Universal pulse, we begin to connect with each other, our community and our Mother Earth. With the drum we all have a voice and with the drum we find healing, celebration and some of our most sacred moments. The medicine of the drum begins with our own heartbeat. With her businesses, Ancestors Drum and nonprofit Medicine Drum Circle, Elisa, along with her partner, Katherine Vega, they have facilitated hundreds of drum circles with all populations ranging from severe Alzheimer’s patients to incarcerated youth

SPECIAL GUEST at Opening Drum Circle

Ruben Saufkie Sr. Patkiwungwa Water Clan ~ Messenger of H2OPI.

Sharing hopiness through my personal journey of sobriety of 24 yrs. Hopi silversmith of over 30+ yrs. He and his sons will be sharing 

We will welcome Ruben and his sons into our opening drum circle. They will share the Hopi Prophesy of the Rock and Eagle dance.

DCFG Inaugural Town Hall, facilitated by Jim Boneau (Saturday)

The board wants to hear from you! This inaugural Town Hall is an opportunity for us all to come together and share your thoughts about the Guild with the board. Jim Boneau, will facilitate the conversation. Expect some simple introductions from the board of who we are and what role we fill. Then we, the board, will sit back and listen fully to what you have to say. This is the board’s opportunity to hear directly from you. Examples of what we want to know are: what are your dreams for the Guild? What works and what needs improvement? How has your experience been as a member? All are welcome at this session.

2024 Conference Presentations

Nancy Brauhn-Curnes and Linda Emmerman: Senior Connections: A "Hands On" program for residents in Care Facilities

The DCFG audience will experience firsthand a unique, theme-based program designed for residents in care facilities. A sample of (a March) program, the planning, resources used, monthly songs, set up and suggested instruments will be presented through hand outs and demonstration. This will be up beat and fun!!

Nancy is a dynamic and engaging drum circle facilitator, instructor, & performer. She is known for her playfulness & creativity making drumming events stress free and fun. Nancy is a certified VMC & REMO Endorsed Facilitator, trained in HRs & BTOs.

Linda is a former K-5 Music Educator with over 25 years of experience. She has been trained in DCF, Health Rhythms, Beat the Odds, Drums Alive, & many percussion workshops. Linda is grateful to keep her passion for music alive by sharing.

Josh Dunigan: Maximizing Your Yes! Integrating adaptive processes into your circle.

During this interactive and engaging session, you will learn how working with variously abled groups provides inclusive and universal solutions for developing musical moments in a community setting.

Josh Dunigan is a man with a van and a plan to make music with every person he meets. Josh partners with inclusive community organizations in Michigan to create musical moments at schools, libraries, museums, music festivals and residential programs.

Arthur Hull and Jim Boneau: Creating Timeless Connections Across Spots in Time

So much of life is marked by time, but as DCFs we can facilitate timeless connections. This session explores 3 Spots in Time to Cultivate Connection: Inner, Drum Circles, and Community and how each influences Cultivating Connections. You will explore 5 techniques to expand connections in your Drum Circles, 5 dimensions to broaden Community Connections, and 1 element of Inner Connection, The Heart.

Arthur Hull is the founder of Village Music Circles and at the core of the modern, facilitated, drum circle movement. Arthur's books include Drum Circle Spirit, Drum Circle Facilitation, Drum Circle Games, and the Drum Circle Facilitators Handbook.  Jim brings his open heart as a facilitator, leader, and DCF. Jim has co-led drum circle trainings with Arthur Hull alongside his professional facilitation work as a leadership coach. Jim’s book, The Rumble Zone, launched as a best seller.

Arthur Hull: Rhythm Church

The "Rhythm Church Sound Immersion Meditation" will be a facilitated In-The-Moment musical experience. It is an opportunity to take a "Brain Break" and just "Be.” Sunday Morning Rhythm Church will be facilitated by Arthur With a minimal amount of words and maximum amount of deep listening, Arthur will take us on a sound journey best described as Rhythm Church. Starting off with hand percussion (no drums please) and evolving to pentatonically-tuned gongs and chimes, we will journey to the magic spaces in between the notes. Be prepared to have your rhythmical spirit evoked in a deep way

Aaron Kierbel: Somatic Playground: Exploring the intersection of vocal improvisation, body percussion and drumming.

This workshop will explore how to get more vibrant, creative and connected musical experiences by weaving vocal improv + body percussion with drumming. Participants will learn how to introduce melody, harmony and body rhythms into their drum circles.

Aaron is founder of RhythmALLogy, an organization using interactive rhythm making for building community. He has presented workshops on several continents and almost everywhere humans gather.

Ju Linares and Mary Tolena:  Cultivating Connection as the Pathway to Team Spirit

In this deep exploration of the notion of "connection," you'll learn a variety of strategies & activities from Ju's Team Spirit corporate programs in Brazil that build extraordinary levels of musical and interpersonal connection.

Ju is a DCF, speaker, and specialist in human potential & organizational development in São Paulo, Brazil. Her company, Ritmo Expansão, offers rhythm and training programs that help groups and teams be happier, more autonomous, engaged & successful.

Mary brings DCF philosophies and vibe to TerraSol, her gathering place for camping, community, & music in Patagonia, AZ. Mary’s “Drumming in Business” course about program design & business development is now FREE at bit.ly/BizofDrumming

Arianna Monge, MT-BC and Frank Thompson, MBA: Decolonizing the Drum Circle

Dig a little deeper into the roots of drum circles and wellness as we know it. Participants are called in (not out) to ask questions about our world, our place in it and what we can do to engage with decolonization in and out of the circles we create.

Arianna Monge, MT-BC (she/her) is a Filipino Mexican American board certified music therapist, professional vocalist, and drum circle facilitator. Arianna serves as director of Remo HealthRHYTHMS™ and manager of Rhythm, Wellness, You! at Remo, Inc.

Frank Thompson is a professional drum circle facilitator and motivational speaker. He is the founder of the Arizona Rhythm Connection and has been facilitating rhythm for over 25 years. Frank is a Remo HealthRhythms certified Trainer and endorsed Artist.

Stormi Oshun, MS, CCC-SLP and Shaun Phoenix, MS, LCPC:  The Kooky, Sacred Joyride that is "Bucketing Up!"

Stormi and Shaun will briefly share how they create wildly popular and accessible community drum events using (mostly) items found in the local hardware store. It's hard to grasp the magic juju of bucket drumming without experiencing it, so come "bucket up" and learn how to bring this disarming, playful and surprisingly satisfying style of drumming to your community!

Stormi has performed and offered rhythm-based experiences for a variety of settings and participants. For Stormi, drumming is the magic carpet that transports her on all her most soul-stirring adventures, and there's always room for others!

Shaun has been a psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner for over 30 years. A crafter of soul-stirring events, Shaun helps cultivate the theme of "sacred play" while bringing music, ritual, and creative exploration to communities near and far.

Carl Sorenson: Unity Through Rhythms: Lessons from African Traditions in the Caribbean

The African tradition and rhythms from the Caribbean that exist is a sacred oral tradition of a people united and empowered through rhythm, song, and dance. What can we learn from this culture of perseverance that draws connections to social justice in our World today?

Carl Sorensen is an accomplished drummer known as “Denver’s Hardest Working Musician”. His commitment to sharing his knowledge and passion for drumming has garnered him a reputation as a mentor and influencer in the global drumming community.

Max Young: Rhythmic Mindfulness

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, without judgement. By engaging participants on big taiko drums in a physical and synergistic fashion, RhythmetriX has created a program that pulls participants out of their heads and into the present moment to engage in a one-of-a-kind mindfulness experience with consistently profound results.

Max is a drummer of 28 years who earned a degree in behavioral neuroscience and has over a decade experience in business before launching RhythmetriX, a company that combines music with movement and mindfulness through group drumming

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